Provenance and Efficacy  

Enso Nutraceuticals, LLC (a division of Enso Discoveries – a respected biotech company, well known for high science and university-validated products) has created, with the help of many physicians’ inputs, ZO CBD! A product whose provenance and efficacy is of the utmost importance to its producers.

Provenance is defined as:

1: “Custodial history”
2: The beginning of something’s existence;        something’s origin
3: The chronology of the ownership,               custody, or location of an object to             provide contextual evidence for its origin.

Enso Nutraceuticals is proud to know Zo CBD’s provenance, from field to bottle, and we understand how important it is to extend that knowledge to you, our customer, to provide you the confidence and peace of mind that you should always feel when using any product.

Our organic hemp is grown using our own ground water and natural fertilizers, and is handpicked and harvested at our family hemp farm in Colorado. We are constantly running tests and quality control – beginning with soil testing prior to planting (for pesticides, leads, and other possible contaminants), all the way through the final processing of the hemp plant into the bottle.

In-house laboratory here in Manhattan, Kansas

The harvested hemp is processed into an exclusive CBD oil using our proprietary formula developed with industry-leading experts at a Fully Licensed GMP Certified Plant. Once processed, it is brought to our in-house laboratory here in Manhattan, Kansas where, unlike others, we start by autoclaving all the bottles and droppers to be used. This ensures that no matter where the bottles were manufactured, they, and therefore our product, will be free of contamination. Secondly, we fill each bottle in our laboratory, often under our sterile hoods, followed by sealing the bottle top, then sealing the bottle in its own individual pouch. We take sterility and chain-of-custody of Zo CBD very seriously.

To ensure our product is of the highest quality, we run multiple tests on every batch we produce at an industry-leading, third party, ISO-certified laboratory to test for pesticides, heavy metals, potency, and overall content, ensuring we are always within legal limits. COAs (Certificate of Analysis) on every batch can easily be accessed by scanning the QR code on each bottle. This allows the consumer to see exactly what is in the product.

Zo CBD – Our science…your peace of mind.

Why is it so important to know, without a doubt, where everything comes from that goes into each bottle of our Zo CBD? There are thousands of companies trying to enter the CBD market, and between sales gimmicks, overseas products, and paid celebrity endorsements, you often have no real idea from where the CBD comes, or how its processing is completed. So, with so many choices of brands, sizes, quantities, and qualities, along with false claims, and fancy names with no provenance, we know how important it is to ensure you get only the best product with consistent results from batch to batch. With just one bottle of the highest concentration 3000mg/oz of CBD, CBC, CBN, we eliminate all the confusion of so many products offered by others.