“Grass-fed”, “cage free”, “all natural”, and “doctor-recommended” are just a few of many key phrases widely sought out by consumers – we all want to know where our products came from, and how they were handled before we took them off the store shelves. Unfortunately, CBD companies vary widely in how their plants are grown, and with what level of care they are processed. Because the origins and qualities of different oils are so difficult to determine, many doctors refuse to say whether these products can be of any real help, medically speaking, because they just have no way to know for sure.

Author: Jayci DeVito
March 2022

How To Do It Right Zo CBD Provenance

How to do it right

Zo CBD has tackled this issue head-on by first asking doctors what it would take to make a CBD product that they would recommend to their patients without hesitation. Every physician told us that they need provenance – a way to show the full chain of custody of the CBD all the way from the seeds and soil to the final products. Each bottle needs to be consistently of the highest quality, and of course, it needs to work. This is exactly what Zo delivers.

On the back of all their labels, they have included a QR code, which links to Certificates of Analysis from third-party testers, showing detailed ingredient lists, and the presence of any chemicals or contaminants. Zo carefully chooses their seeds and planting grounds, and no pesticides are used on their fields. Instead, ladybugs and praying mantises are introduced to help keep pests at bay. Once the plants are fully grown, only the best are chosen to be hand-picked and only the flowers are harvested to be processed into Zo CBD concentrates. Many other companies include sticks, stems, and seeds to increase product quantity, but this dilutes and decreases the overall concentrate quality.

Cutting corners has never been an option for Zo. From the initial conception, their goal was to create a medical-level product that physicians would be able to witness the benefits of, and could confidently recommend to their patients. This award-winning company has worked hard to build trust and rapport with doctors and customers, thoroughly earning the respect of the CBD and medical communities alike.