The Haze Radio Network is one of the world’s widest-reaching cannabis radio networks, and its Haze Secret Cup Award is nationally renowned. Haze Radio, and its creator, Andrew Pitsicalis, are dedicated to the music, culture, and spirit of the cannabis lifestyle, while partnering with businesses interested in unifying and expanding the cannabis community. Zo CBD excitedly announced that their Full Spectrum tincture took second place in the CBD category for their first-ever participation in The Haze Secret Cup! This amazing feat was accomplished just three months after launching their initial product, which is now officially ranked in the top 1% of all CBD on the market. Then, just last March, Zo submitted 45 bottles to be judged in a tough blind-competition in California. They took home first place at their second contest, and are now the proud recipients of two national awards!

Author: Jayci DeVito
August 2022

Zo CBD Wins Haze Cup 2022

More On The Haze Cup Victory 2022

Andrew Pitsicalis, cannabis consultant and promoter of The Haze Secret Cup, has seen hundreds of new CBD products come across his desk, and explains why Zo CBD was so impressive to him, “There are three important factors in grading a CBD: the source of the hemp, whether there are harmful additives or chemicals used in processing, and the certificate of analysis. Every single Zo CBD product that has been reviewed for a Haze Cup Award has been accompanied by the best COA of any product on the market today. Zo is not cutting any corners when it comes to producing a high-quality product. This is a testament to the American-grown hemp and in-house processing that many products on the market today will discount for higher profitability. I think everyone in the industry knows that CBD oil went through a terrible phase of inconsistent and low-quality products hitting the shelf. Yes, it may cost more to ensure a better product, but it’s really nice to see new products understanding how important this is and I have no doubt any new product under the Zo CBD brand will continue to give the market a run for their money!”

Andrew Pitsicalis has been a radio host, media ambassador, conference panel member, cannabis business consultant, and product critic in the industry for decades. He has tried and compared thousands of products and knows how important quality, efficacy, and ease-of-use are for a CBD brand. It is crucial that the products work well, but equally as vital, is a customer finding a product appealing to use, especially with a pleasant taste or smell, while also being able to clearly understand which products are right for them. With two national awards and many satisfied customers as evidence, Zo CBD definitely spared no expense in covering all these bases, and has ultimately developed an absolutely superior formula.