“I have used CBD MD for over a year. After trying ZO CBD I was shocked. Your CBD is almost 2 times better than what I used. Count me as a new customer!”

Tim E

“Hey Pat! We tried ZO CBD last night. It’s amazing! We have been using the Ignite CBD for the past year and your guys stuff blows that out of the water!! Great work!!”

S. Cordington

“Your CBD seems to be a home run with me. I’m a convert. Let me know how I can purchase more or help you in the future.”

Scott Giebler

Co-Owners Patriot All Pro Physical Therapy Centers

We have been in the health care industry for the past 21 years, as owners of several physical therapy clinics. Many of our patients have asked us for recommendations for CBD products to treat their chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Our physical therapists love using ZO CBD products in conjunction with manual therapy on many of our patients. We can confidently recommend ZO CBD as a great complement to physical therapy and your overall health and wellness daily regimen.


Andre & Rhonda Tippett

Andre & Rhonda Tippett

Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2008

Playing professional football in the NFL for twelve years doesn’t come without injuries and chronic pain. I’ve been around present and former professional athletes all my life, and one thing we all have in common is the necessity for a speedy recovery from an injury and having quality of life. I lived for years with chronic pain, until I discovered ZO CBD products. Not only do I sleep better, but whether I’m out on the golf course or training in Karate, I’m enjoying it pain-free!


Andre Tippett

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